Thursday, May 26, 2011

I-Bling - You-Bling Challenge

I am super excited about this giveaway and I know that you will all love this as well. I am happy to announce that our sponsor Imaginisce is going to give the winner of this challenge the popular I-Rock tool and some accessories. "This tool will rock your world! The i-rock will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! It's so easy! No need for messy glue. And with it's stylish pink design, you might even want to carry it just as a fashion statement... I do!"

I have the I-Rock and I love it. This challenge will start tonight and will go until 6:00pm PST, Friday, June 3rd. 

How to be eligible for this challenge.
  1. Go to Imaginisce Facebook page and become a fan let them know that Scrapbook Rooms sent you.
  2. Go through your stash and find something that you made that has bling on it or what you consider bling. Send your submission to Please don't use the same submission that you had for the Use Your Stash Challenge.
  3. You can also get a bonus entry for this challenge if you create something specifically for this challenge. Take a before and after picture and send it to
Please note you can enter one submission for this challenge. If you should have any further questions please send e-mails to I am really excited to see what everyone has created.

We Have a Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Use Your Stash Challenge. We had 20 amazing submissions entered into this contest. I decided to randomly choose the winner because it would have been way to difficult to choose the winner plus I will never  have contest created where you have to vote for the winner I think that everyone should have a fair an equal opportunity. Congratulations to our Winner Nicky Normandale. The next challenge will be posted shortly.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Use Your Stash Challenge

I had started a discussion on our Facebook page asking what you would like to keep things interesting on our page and everyone who participated said that they want to do challenges.

I am pleased to announce that we are going to do our first challenge plus it involves a giveaway. Our wonderful friend Vintage 53 has given us a cute little frame in a choice of many colors. 

To be eligible for this give away you will need to do the following.
  1. Visit Vintage 53's Facebook page and become a fan let them know that Scrapbook Rooms sent you.
  2. Go through your stash and create something with your old stash that you have never used before. 
  3. Take a before picture of your stash and then take an after picture with what you created. 
  4. Send an e-mail with the pictures to subject line Use Your Stash Challenge with a description of what you created and your Facebook name so proper credit can be given.
I will have an album created called use Use Your Stash Challenge and all of the pictures I receive will be uploaded to that album. I will give you a bit of time to do this challenge so it will run until Thursday, May 26th. 
If you have time I encourage you to look at Vintage 53 Blog and Etsy site they have some pretty neat stuff. 

Have fun with this challenge I am looking forward to seeing what creations are created. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Have a Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in our very first give away. You are all fantastic and there will be more give aways in the future so stay tuned. I have been working with sponsors to make this possible. A very special thank you to ScrapOnizer for being our first sponsor and allowing us to be able to do this. 

So a big congratulations goes out to Nela's Kreations she was randomly selected from all of our entries and this is what she wrote "It will be a great storage set for my crafts supplies. I'm a facebook fan!. " 

Nela please send an e-mail to with your mailing information so that we can have this sent out to you.

If anyone has any ideas for how to do future give aways please let me know all of the information on give aways will always be on this blog.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Woo Hoo Time to get this give away started

Can you believe it we made it too 500 fans. Thank you so much. As promised it is time to do our first give away.

Our first give away is from ScrapOnizer One 8.5 x 11 Storage Set ($24.95 value)

To be eligible for this you will need to leave only one comment on this post on how would you use the ScrapOnizer Storage Set -- are you more likely fill, label and store it with your supplies in your scrapbook room or use it in a creative and customized project, like a shadow boxes,  wall decor, scrapped out personalized supply gift set, etc.

As well as become a follower so we have a way of getting a hold of you.

Contest will be open until Wednesday, May 18th.

Guess what you can earn an extra entry in this contest by becoming a fan of ScrapOnizer and leaving a one comment on this post letting us know you are a fan.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How the first contest is going to work

Good morning everyone I hope that you are having a fantastic day. We are getting really excited about getting to our first goal of 500 fans.

Our first give away from for when we reach 500 fans

The individual storage cases can be stored vertically, horizontally stacked like drawers in stackable side loading paper trays and even inverted into a hanging file, box, basket, bin or carry all tote.

I will have more details of what you need to do to be eligible for the draw we want to keep you in some suspense to keep things interesting.

Scraponizer can also be found on Facebook and have been great support thank you again for all of your help.

Have a great day again.


PS. I do plan on doing some scrapbooking today but I am letting my hubby sleep in while my baby watches baby TV. Who knew that that would entertain him. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How I got started

I asked everyone on Scrapbook Rooms how they started scrapbooking but I never told my story. I had always loved doing arts and craft and as a little girl I loved loved paper. I would ask my teachers to save me their paper so that I could bring it home this drove my mother nuts. When I was in high school I tried many different crafts and even was lucky enough to actually have a craft course. My big craft in high school was cross stitching until one day I had screwed up on of my projects big time and I stopped then and there.

After I left home I didn't have any projects for a while I really couldn't afford to do it. After a few years I had seen scrapbooks and I had always wanted to try it. So I started really small went to our local scrapbooking store and bought a few things to try it. I had no idea how to scrapbook I basically just stuck a few stickers down cut the pictures funny with fancy scissors and called that scrapbooking. That really was all I could afford at the time.

It wasn't until I got together with my future husband that I got into scrapbooking. A girl that I worked with showed me some of her albums and told me about a weekend crop that she was going to go to. So I thought that this would be fun to go to but I didn't want to go by myself. I asked my mother in law if this is something she wanted to do. She said she would go with me when we went we packed up our stuff really at that time everything I owned fit into a box and I brought it all with me. At the end of the weekend I was hooked I think we spent over $300.00 on stuff.

I love this hobby and I love learning new techniques I have come a long ways from when I first started but it has been a fun learning process and it helped me to develop a very close relationship with my friend (my mother in law)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh where did my blog go

I started my blog yesterday and it disappeared so now I have to start over. I am excited for this and I can't wait for all the exciting things to come, So stay tuned for more.